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Key to Sightings Nessie Dead or Alive Cleansweep?
The following "Key" does not explain
all monster sightings, particularly some of the early "close encounters" but it does represent the known background to investigations in the latter three decades of the 20th century. Visitors to Loch Ness may find it of interest. The pictures are mainly from misleading monsters" section, of the Loch Ness 2000 Exhibition in Drumnadrochit. Further illustrations are from the collection of Richard Carter and other individuals.

We would very much welcome additions to the Key, based on individual experiences and any pictures which may illustrate them. Needless to say, we would be even more interested in sightings which might not be explained in these ways

It was recently announced that Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) was forming a Loch Ness Environment Panel........with a view to developing a code of practice for visiting monster hunters who might inadvertently cause damage to the loch's habitats, or individual creatures within it. This move was prompted by the proposal of a Swedish monster hunter and ufologist Jan Sundberg, to place a 6m long creel trap in Loch Ness. The SNH area manager Jonathan Stacey, made it clear that they had no policy on Nessie as such and the prime aim was to "protect the known from those pursuing the unknown".

'Operation Cleansweep' led by Jan Sundberg began on 23rd Aprilk 2001and finished on 5thday 5th May 2001.

The expedition, was called GUST (Global Underwater Search Team) and had two objectives

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