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Pequod. An underwater observation surface vessel. Loch Morar, 1975
Also, high in the fourth area was a true scale replica of the underwater part of Pequod, a small ‘glass-bottomed’ boat we used in 1975 to survey 200 miles of Loch Morar shoreline for unusual bones.
She was a small boat, 8ft long with a 2 h.p. engine and a crew of two. The helmsman sat to the rear and an observer lay in a central coffin shaped channel, 9ins below the waterline, looking through a transparent acrylic dome.
The vessel was towed to the survey location by a support boat and then moved in and out from the shoreline. We could see down to approximately 10m and saw many bones and as many beer cans. When bones were recovered subsequently by scuba-diving, they all turned out to be from sheep and deer. However, the mission gave us valuable insight into the shallow water habitats around the loch.

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Pequod and Adrian Shine - Note the transparent viewing dome.

Rquiring a helmsman and an observer filming through the dome.

Excellent close ups of shallow water habitats without getting wet!